About the author : Matthias Köppe

Finished a project with Home.Earth with a dinner for the tenants at Strandlodsvej 3-5 (Filmlagret), a dorm/cooperative housing place.

It was a great time and pleasure to get to know Maja Völker and Emil Bender Lassen, and thanks to Rasmus Juul-Nyholm for taking me in.

The place has some really large and nice common-areas. Besides that, the buildings no. 3 and no. 5 are connected with a bridge on the second floor, to connect the students living in no. 5 with the families living in no. 3. The rooftop terrace is an amazing feature of that building and used by everyone.

But how do you share a place like that? #communitybuilding was the key task of our project. Luckily the tenants already had established some basic structure to organize their social everyday life in between each other. It was a really nice process to guide and Home.Earth will support more community-centered projects and establish more properties with a #triplebottomline in the near future.

Se more about the property here: https://spaconandx.com/FILMLAGERET-AT-STRANDLODSVEJ


rooftop terrace at Strandlodsvej 3-5

About the author : Matthias Köppe